Driver Appreciation Days – Ideas/Tips…



We’ve gathered the following information to help you with your event. If you have any information you would like to add, please contact us at 888-778-6377. Most of this information came from other members.

* Plan ahead, many people said this was imperative for advertising/promotion.

* Advertise – put your information out in as many forms as possible. Movin’ Out has agreed to give PTP

members free press releases, you can contact them at 724-794-8657.

* Let PTP know, we are here to help you. We will be happy to do some or all of the following:

- advertise on our web-site, and our newsletter

- communicate with vendors to ask for promotional items for your event

- mail out brochures/fliers to other truckstops and trucking company customers

- tie in Partner Points with free network messaging and Partner Points give-a-ways

* Determine the objective of your event – whether to maintain or grow your customer base, or both.

* Contact all your vendors - many will help you with give-a-ways, food, etc.

* Just prior to and during the event – get the word out by CB – get the drivers to talk about it

* Try to tie in a theme – like a holiday (ie: Halloween – fun to get staff to dress in costume)

* Offer extra driver services that day, wash windshields, pump diesel, etc.

* This is an excellent opportunity to move expiring or slow moving merchandise.

* Have a fun outdoor atmosphere, if possible, it will keep drivers that linger from interfering with your regular

flow of business.

* Have some or all of the festivities in the front grounds of your business, it will help attract more traffic if they

can see if from the road.

* Team up with another truckstop to purchase any items needed and/or promote the day.

* Book entertainment – Joey Holiday is a favorite, he keeps the "show" going, which allows you to give your

attention to other areas. Joey can be contacted at Truck It Records, phone # 615-307-4525.

* Have prizes, give-a-ways, contests and/or games (ie: a $500.00 Savings Bond only costs you $250.00),

give-a-ways are VERY important.

* Keep the menu simple, hamburgers and hotdogs are popular and easy to manage.

* Have a truck contest.